Energy Academy
An international centre of excellence and a gateway to Heriot-Watt's research and training activities


MSC Courses

We are a dynamic, multidisciplinary Research Institute focused on promoting excellence across our four research themes: Biomedical Engineering, Computational and Digital Engineering, EnergyHarvesting and Conversion and Multiphase Flow. Much of our work involves strong industrial links across a range of sectors and through our expertise, skills and experience we work together with industry to identify new areas of interest.

Centre for Doctoral Training in Critical Resource Catalysis (CRITICAT)

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Critical Resource Catalysis (CRITICAT) is a joint CDT hosted by Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities. CRITICAT will focus on one of the great challenges faced by society: our overreliance on non-sustainable, fossil-fuelbased
energies and products. Innovation in catalysis is central to tackling this problem, both through the development of renewable resources and through the more efficient use of currently available feed stocks.

 All MSc courses relating to Energy can be found using this link.

PhD opportunities

We offer PhD projects to UK/EU and international students in various areas that fall in the research initiatives of our institute.

Most of these projects are identified as potentially having studentship support, either by EPSRC which is restricted to UK/EU students only who have (or expect to obtain) a first or 2(1) class degree in a relevant subject, or by international studentships. However, projects could equally run with students supported by other means (e.g. overseas students with own scholarships, self-funded, etc.) with an equivalent qualification

Please direct informal queries for further project information to the individual project supervisor. You can then find out more about how to apply.

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