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Do the Scottish people care enough about climate change to 'do their bit' in meeting our ambitions?
Thursday 14 December 2017, 06:00pm - 08:00pm
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Do the Scottish people care enough about climate change to 'do their bit' in meeting our ambitions?

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Climate change is an (almost) unanimously recognised threat to future of mankind but also one that is associated with reduced quality of life at present. The majority of the world’s governments are seeking to implement measures to mitigate climate change and simultaneously reduce local pollution levels.

However, to achieve environmental targets, individuals will need to change their behaviours and this is not always straightforward to achieve.

This is the topic we will discuss with the assistance of our panel of conversationalists: Teresa Bray, Chief Executive (Changeworks); Dr Graeme Sweeney, Chair of the Board (The Children's Investment Fund Foundation) and a leading authority on energy, fuels and climate change; and Ragne Low, Programme Manager (ClimateXChange).

We will seek to explore:

  • Are households in fuel poverty in a position to change their consumption behaviour?
  • How can we convince people set in their convenient consumption patterns to change?
  • Do we have a clear picture of all the barriers preventing the society from embracing policy and policy targets?
  • The policy tools at our disposal, are they adequate?
  • How shall we use policy tools to achieve societal support and therefore our climate change goals?
Location Strathclyde Business School, 199 Cathedral Street, Glasgow G4 0QU


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