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October 08, 2018

CASE STUDY: Energy From waste

IntelliDigest is a biotechnology start-up founded by Dr Ifeyinwa Rita Kanu,a researcher in Heriot-Watt’s Institute for Infrastructure and Environment. Currently, we only recycle 43-44% of our food waste, leaving over…
October 08, 2018

CASE STUDY: Wind Energy

Globally, wind turbine blades, whether onshore or offshore, suffer from some degree of Leading Edge Erosion (LEE) which creates surface roughness. This not only reduces annual energy production (AEP) but…
October 08, 2018

CASE STUDY: Hybrid Fusion Energy System (HyFES)

Over the last few years, Heriot-Watt has been working with the Denchi Group to further improve the benefits (lower fuel costs, reduced emissions) marine vessels gain from switching to a…
October 08, 2018

CASE STUDY: Solar - Thermal Energy

With the decarbonisation of heat energy a priority for governments, solar thermal panels provide a way to convert the sun’s free energy into usable heat for the home or building,…


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The 2019 H2020 Energy Calls for Proposals include three topics on smart citizen-centred energy systems with a total…
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