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Writing an Effective Innovate UK Grant Application

On Tuesday 22nd May 2018, the Knowledge Transfer Network, Innovate UK and a host of support organisations came to Heriot-Watt at our invitation. Their purpose was to rehearse the opportunities available to researchers (not just those interested in energy but across the whole spectrum of subject areas supported by Innovate UK) that are available to businesses, universities and entrepreneurs from Innovate UK and how to access these grants and even investments and loans.. The presentations from the Workshop are available to download from here.

The Workshop was the second 'Grant Application Writing Workshop' that we have held with the KTN and innovate UK support. The presentations from the previous workshop held in January 2017 are available on this site here. This Workshop is still regarded by some as a source of valuable and relevant reference materials for those seeking to write Innovate grant applications.

For Heriot-Watt researchers a quick guide to the Innovate UK Innovation Funding Service (online portal) is available for download here. It sets out how the IFS works and what parts of the application that Heriot-Watt will be responsible for supporting. For more information on this, please contact Craig Landt by e-mail or call him on 0131 451 3224

If you are a business or other organisation seeking to work with Heriot-Watt and are considering an Innovate UK appliication, please write to Iain McEWan (0131 451 3750), Grant Sellar (0131 451 4469) or Robert Goodfellow (0131 451 3616).

What you can find in these Presentations

The innovate UK Family - Types of Funding Available - Jim Berryman, KTN. Download here

Current UK Funding Opportunities - Michael Priestnall - Innovation Lead, Energy. Download here

The Innovation Funding Service - How to Apply for an Innovate Grant - Alice Goodbrook, Innovation Technologist, Energy. Download here

Grant Writing Masterclass - David Telford, Knowledge Transfer Manager (Agri-Food), KTN.Download here

How Innovate will assess your application Alice Goodbrook, Innovation Technologist, Energy. Download here

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships - Jim Berryman, KTN. Download here

The SBRI - Bryan Forbes. Download here

Scottish Enterprise 'Enterprise Europe Network' - Camille Moran Download here

Introducing Innovation Loans - Nigel Walker, Head of Innovation Lending, Innovate UK. Download here

Granted Consultancy - Support for Securing Grant Funding. Download the presentation here

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