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Graphene in Energy: Opportunities for R&D
Wednesday 23 August 2017, 09:30am - 01:00pm
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Graphene in Energy Opportunities for R&D

The Energy Academy is working with the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association to look at the applications of graphene in the fuel cell and energy sector.Some of these applications include:


-                 Materials for supercapacitors

-                 Development of biosensors

-                 Development of microbial fuel cells

-                 Membrane applications in fuel cells

-                 Gas separation membranes

-                 Electrode materials for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries


You are invited to a seminar on this at Heriot-Watt on August 23rd.

This ‘Graphene Innovation Opportunities Workshop’ will highlight the energy sector applications for graphene, and help forge links between potential industry and academic partners in Scotland and beyond. Details of how to register will be published here and on the SHFCA in the next few weeks as will the latest programme.

Speakers (subject to confirmation)

Professor David Bucknall, Heriot-Watt UniversityDavid is Chair of Materials Chemistry at Heriot-Watt  

Dr David Hodgson, CEO, Amalyst Ltd. Amalyst Ltd Amalyst is a s"pin-out from University College London (UCL), exploiting breakthrough catalyst technology. the Company's low-cost, high performance catalysts are designed as ‘drop-in’ replacements for expensive platinum in fuel cells and water electrolysers. Amalyst Ltd is a member of the EU Graphene Flagship Consortium a consortium that is exploiting grand scientific and technological challenges relating to graphene and related materials.

Dr Lien Ngo, Innovation Lead- Advanced Materials, Innovate UK.  'Graphene HFC and Energy Opportunities' Lien is responsible for helping businesses exploit completely novel substances, such as two-dimensional materials and nanomaterials, as well existing materials, such as high-performing composites and light metal alloys. She also work closely with the Emerging and Enabling Technologies team and with Research Councils UK. In her recent blog Lien comments that she is "interested in how a material behaves and what new functions it will bring to current and future technologies. And these technologies can vary from high-tech sportswear and medical textiles to mobile phones and jet engines" and perhaps energy?

Rd Graphene LtdRd-graphene ltd is developing  a solid state supercapacitor(SSRDG) using their low cost in house  3D macro graphene foam network as electrode material.The applications of this include: supercapacitors, bio-fuel cell and batteries; bio- and chemical sensor technology; and flexible and wearable electronics.

 For further details please contact: Nigel Holmes <>; or to Heriot-Watt University


Location Lecture Theatre 2, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. EH144AS
For directions on travelling to Heriot-Watt University, please visit


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